WHYRED is a Swedish fashion brand based in Stockholm founded in 1999 by Roland Hjort. WHYRED got its name from an interview in the early 1950´s with the prominent Swedish artist Sven “X:et” Erixon. When he was asked what his favorite colour was he answered: “Red”. “Why red?”, the interviewer retorted. Known for his rich palette of colours Sven dryly quipped: “Well, blue then”. Sven “X:et” Erixon is the grandfather of WHYRED’s creative director and co-founder Roland Hjort.

We love to play with conventions and disregard the obvious. Our signature Parka over a sharp tailored suit is our way of confronting conventional tailoring with casual dressing. By mixing materials in innovative ways this creates new expressions. It’s when the expected meets the unexpected in a nonchalant elegance, that’s what defines WHYRED.

The people working at WHYRED believes in this concept so much we would like to say we live as we speak. Do you feel the same? We are always searching for talented people with original ideas and the passion to realize them.


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