Whyred Online Store accepts all major credit cards accept American Express. Whyred Gift certificates are not accepted as method of payment online at this time.

Following forms of payment are accepted:

– Mastercard
– Klarna Checkout with Bank
– Klarna Account (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany)
– Klarna Invoice (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany)
– PayPal Account

Account Verification

In order to make the payment process as simple as possible, we would appreciate it if the billing address is the same for your credit card account. If you have recently switched addresses or do not know if you receive your creditcard statement at home or at work, please check with your bank or credit card issuer.

Security Codes

A CVV code is a unique three digit number printed on the back of your card, where you write your signature.

Daily spending limit for DEBIT – cards

Debit cards often have a daily spending limit. These limits might delay the processing of an order even if you have the sufficient funds in your account at the time you place the order. When you make a purchase with a debit card, funds in your account are instantly reserved for that purchase. If you suspect that this is the reason your purchase is delayed, please contact your card-issuing bank as we are unable to do anything about this.

The charging of your account

We are given authorization to charge your account before shipping your items. However, we choose to charge your card simultaneously with shipping your order. If you ordered items at different occasions and they ship at different times, we might charge you for each order separately. This does not change the cost; it is only a simplified method of managing the orders.

Sales Tax

Depending on where you order from you might be charged with sales tax. If you order from OUTSIDE of the European Union you will see the price as excluding sales tax. If you order from WITHIN the European Union you will see the price including VAT.

For countries outside of the European Union VAT and other taxes might be added at your nation’s border. These costs are costs that develop outside of the realm of our company and business. Whyred does not have control over these costs and these costs are supposed to be paid by the importer e.g. the customer within the specific country.


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