Product Availability

If an ordered item is out of stock and is scheduled to be restocked, the item will be shipped as soon as possible. In some situations, an order can be either cancelled due to limitations of a product that may result in your order being cancelled include limitations on quantities available for purchase or errors in product or pricing information.

In some situations, an order could be cancelled in the system if a product got out-of-stock during a purchase or if an error in product/pricing information occurs. However, we will contact you if any of these events occur. Although we strive to deliver your products on time, dates might change for other reasons. If this occurs, we will contact you by email with an updated shipping estimate. Some of our products are created in limited quantity and tend to be very popular. We reserve the right to restrict the quantity of items per person available for purchase in these cases. We also reserve the right to change the quantities available for purchase at any time.

In some cases, if there is an error of pricing or product information, it will be adjusted as soon as possible once it is discovered and therefore we advise you to inform us if noticed. As a result, it could affect the terms of a purchase. If it occurs, we will contact you and suggest similar products.


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