A Same Kind of Different Part IIJaakko Eino Kalevi
Last October, Jaakko Eino Kalevi released his fifth album, Out of Touch, with this latest addition to his considerable discography showing that his dreamy electronics, rhythmic repetitions and register- roaming [...]
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A Same Kind of DifferentLinn Koch-Emmery
Musical innovation often comes from opening your mind to the unfamiliar. We spoke to two artists pushing their respective genres forward with the help of unexpected and diverse influences.   [...]
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In 2013, Mapei made the world fall in love with her with Don’t Wait, her single that became an instant hit. Now she’s back to make us fall in love [...]
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Reality In Motion
  The 1950s didn’t only give birth to celebrated pop stars, fashion icons, dashing mods and exciting new movie stars. It was also when MINI arrived on the scene, the automotive design [...]
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How Soon Is Now?
Amanda Winberg, aka AMWIN, is genuine and filled with energy. She contributes to the music scene with something fresh, new and powerful. This past summer, she did some live shows, [...]
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Whyred​ ​och​ ​Mange​ ​Hellberg = W​HYHELL​.​ ​Varför​ ​helvete?​ ​​​Namnet​ ​och​ ​frågan​ ​​​är​ ​lika självklart,​ ​direkt​ ​och​ ​kompromisslöst​ ​som​ ​Hellbergs​ ​konst​ ​och​ ​musik.​ WHYHELL är ett kreativt konstkoncept som har vuxit fram [...]
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Miriam Bryant
Miriam Bryant is upfront and honest, a rebel but always with that playful glimpse in her eyes. She simply does not coquet or try to be someone she isn’t, almost [...]
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Ruby EmpressWhyred x The Forumist
Ruby Empress is free, wild and untamed. The band seems to operate without any boundaries and their creative influences are floating, independent and driven by a passion for the unique [...]
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Take a biteArvida Byström
Artist, photographer, model and challenger of gender norms, Arvida Byström creates art that speaks to everyone. Upfront and honest in its expression, it makes you question old structures and formats, [...]
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Dolores HazeWHYRED x Forumist
Dolores Haze has ever since the start been like a tornado sweeping over the music scene challenging all that is comfortable, boring and neat. The band has established an uncompromising [...]
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The dreamy state of mind is never far away in Zacharias Zachrisson music which is both meditative and honest. Tropical Emo as Zacharias Zachrisson calls the sound of his solo [...]
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Make some noiseShitKid
In many ways pure and raw in its expression, yet very well made, ShitKid’s music makes an upfront and direct impression. It’s something that has made her output strong and [...]
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Make some noiseHOLY
The project of Hannes Ferm, HOLY, is like a bag of candy, mixing sweet and sour. He’s building a unique musical universe consisting of ’60s garage, lo-fi pop influences and [...]
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Make some noiseDead Vibrations
  Consisting of Christian Jansson, Elmer Hallsby, Josefin Ahlqvist Lyzwinski and Louise Erdman, Dead Vibrations break the sound barrier with their heavy tunes. Just listen to their eponymously named debut [...]
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  Swedish singer and producer Hanna Järver has a quality that makes everything she touches turn to gold. Her texts is about scenes from relationships and glimpses of dull everyday-life. [...]
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Jelly CrystalFor SS18 "SILENCE YOURSELF"
Jelly Crystal, or Filip Johnson as he is called when not making music, creates dazzling otherworldly glam-pop. Music that will make you wish that you could jump into his weird [...]
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Going the distancePale Honey
While life is in constant progress, dedication is what keeps you grounded and drives you forward. Pale Honey and side effects are two Swedish acts who have moved from one [...]
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Going the distanceSide Effects
The psychedelic Stockholm quartet side effects started their rise to fame at a very young age, recording and releasing their first record, A Walk in the Space Between Us (2013), [...]
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This is me part IIALTON
What is experience really? When it comes to music, the phrase can mean two things: the musical experience a person gathers from practising and living through music, or it can [...]
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Both young artists from Sweden, AmberValent and Alton shape the experience of their music through their live performances and the creation of self-confident stage personas. Enter their new universes formed [...]
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Make the connectionRuby Empress
Few bands today understand the shared history and common purpose of music and fashion. Ruby Empress, on the other hand, is built upon that understanding. The Gothenburg quartet breathes new [...]
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Have it allCajsa Wessberg
The best forms of artistic output can come from combining the different worlds that feed it. The Forumist and Whyred caught up with a few of the individuals carving out [...]
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Fashion and music have long been intertwined, but today they are related in a different way from before. Meet two acts who are active in both fields, living and creating [...]
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IN THE ZONEJosefin Öhrn
Psychedelia is made possible by the world’s beautiful outsiders breaking down the boundaries of the inner self and exploring their true passion for expression. The Forumist met up with two [...]
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When it comes to influential acts of the new psychedelic movement, Dungen is a name that is respected and renowned. They have managed to bring music sung in Swedish to [...]
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